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This study is part of a larger research project called New Testament Conjectural Emendation: A Comprehensive Enquiry, which he says aims at collecting as many New Testament conjectures as possible and publishing them in an open access database.
The objective of this study was to generate interpolated spatial maps of soil attributes from groups of similarity and difference determines by Cluster Ward analysis, to evaluate an organic soil emendation program to determine both the effectiveness of each treatment and to determine soil condition zones.
Here an editorial emendation adds an unnecessary note in the bass, obscuring what was surely meant to be an exact imitation of the treble in the preceding measure.
Cases of unjustified emendations of scientific names dedicated to people in tarantulas (Mygalomorphae: Theraphosidae)
To view the text, as McGann does, from the perspective of its materiality is to require a rethinking of such common and seemingly trivial editorial practices as emendation. D.C.
Sutherland endorses and adopts Chapman's emendation, finding it preferable to "an unusual," which, she states, "is also possible, though dependent on the insertion of more characters" (449).
The editors have no separate list of emendations; one has to read through all the entries under "Textual Notes" to see when an emendation has occurred.
A malaprop may well conceal one clever emendation. One emendation may conceal an abiding sadness.
Yet I do not find myself wholly convinced by this emendation (2).
To your rich November 2007 special issue, "Telling Stories," on books and theater, I'd like to add a brief but, to me, significant emendation. In "Dramatic Faith," James Martin, SJ, writes that "the whole of the liturgical year ...
Still worse, they interfered with textual interpretation and even emendation, which should be immune from such a taint, like logic or algebra.
probably as good as any'), and two recent attempts at emendation have been made.