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Of, pertaining to, or in the condition of an embryo.
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(ĕm′brē-ŏn′ĭk) also


1. Of, relating to, or being an embryo.
2. also embryotic (-ŏt′ĭk) Rudimentary; incipient: an embryonic nation, not yet self-governing.

em′bry·on′ic·al·ly adv.
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(1) Unborn, in utero.
(2) Undeveloped, developing, unformed, fledgling.
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adjective Undeveloped, related to an embryo
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Pertaining to, or to the state of being, an EMBRYO.
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In the life cycle of the round worm, a very early life stage occurring within the uterus of the female round worm.
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They used new technology to scrutinize the molecular forces that govern cell fate decisions for skin cell reprogramming and the natural process of embryonic development.
Among these cases, 45 patients requesting for curettage because of embryonic developmental arrest were designated as the trial group and 33 patients with normal embryonic development and requesting for artificial abortion were designated as the control group.
However it has been indicated that egg weight did not influence embryonic mortality (Proudfoot and Hulan 1981; Ulmer-Franco et al.
Bush administration, he noted, had ruled out federal funding for embryonic stem cell research except on a few lines of cells that were already in use.
Until now, the only way to get embryonic stem cells was from leftover embryos made through in vitro fertilization.
Michael West, president and chief executive officer of BioTime, said that the company believes these six human embryonic stem cell lines now approved for federal funding are the largest set of GMP-compliant lines available to US researchers.
The suspension of all grants, contracts and applications that involve the use of human embryonic stem cells has been temporarily lifted.
23, a federal judge handed down a ruling that barred the use of federal funds for any research involving human embryonic stem cells.
The newest battle over stem cells is playing out in courtrooms in Washington, D.C., and is focused on whether federal money used to fund some embryonic stem cell research violates an amendment that has been tacked on to every congressional appropriation for health and human services funding since 1996.
Biotechnology company BioTime Inc (NYSE Amex:BTIM) reported on Thursday that the company will launch seven new human embryonic progenitor cell lines with seven corresponding novel culture media on 1 September 2010.
A US district court has issued a preliminary injunction stopping federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research, in a slap to the Obama administration's new guidelines on the sensitive issue.
FDA Clears Way for Embryonic Stem-Cell Trial Using Patients.