embryonal rhabdomyosarcomas

em·bry·o·nal rhab·do·my·o·sar·co·mas

(em'brē-ōn'ăl rab'dō-mī'ō-sahr-kō'măz)
Malignant neoplasms occurring in children, consisting of loose, spindle-celled tissue with rare cross-striations; they arise in many parts of the body in addition to skeletal muscles.
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Amplification and overexpression of MDM2, CDK4, GL1 and SAS genes of the 12q13-15 region has been associated with other sarcomas such as well-differentiated and dedifferentiated liposarcoma, leiomyosarcoma, and a significant subset of alveolar and embryonal rhabdomyosarcomas [18] and even sclerosing epithelioid fibrosarcoma [19].
In a subsequent series of four additional cases, Folpe considered these tumors to be either highly unusual variants of adult embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma or an entirely novel subcategory of rhabdomyosarcoma [2].
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Sukov and coworkers (11) found ALK gene rearrangements in 67% of tumors in a series that included 21 cases of IMTs of the urinary bladder, but found no such ALK gene rearrangement in the other tumors among 32 non-IMTs tested, including 16 leiomyosarcomas and 3 embryonal rhabdomyosarcomas. Li and coworkers (12) studied 249 soft tissue tumors and found only IMTs (2 of 3 cases; 75%) to contain ALK gene rearrangements by FISH, and whereas 4 non-IMTs, including 2 leiomyosarcomas, 1 rhabdomyosarcoma, and 1 malignant fibrous histiocytoma, demonstrated ALK gene amplification, no non-IMTs had rearrangements of the ALK gene.
Microscopically, embryonal rhabdomyosarcomas are pleomorphic.
The author reports a case of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma of the temporal bone with cranial nerve palsies and extension into the parapharyngeal space in a 4-year-old boy.
Prat and Gray reviewed the presenting signs and symptoms in 50 patients with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma reported by various authors.
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