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Case reports, a new embryologic hypothesis, and subdivision.
It is important to remember that the process is indeed dynamic and involves formation and regression of the above-named pairs of embryologic vessels.
It is not uncommon for the foramen ovale to remain patent for up to 2 weeks in a llama cria and once the left atrial pressure exceeds the right atrial pressure, the embryologic structure closes [15].
These pathways derive from the embryologic segments of the dorsal aorta.
Branchial cysts are rare congenital defects that are caused by a failure of the embryologic pharyngeal or branchial apparatus to form properly.
As assisted reproductive techniques involve embryologic manipulation, possibility of disruption at various stages may occur, which may act as a trigger to SCT and other congenital tumors.
Our literature review demonstrated that the duplication of the alimentary tract has many different forms; therefore, the application of a single embryologic theory does not seem to be valid.
3) This abnormal communication seems to be consecutive to an embryologic persistence of primitive intratrabecular spaces.
Two hypothesizes for the potential mechanism of prostate tissue within rectal submucosa can be postulated from the normal embryologic origins of the prostate bladder and rectum which may be ex- plained on the basis of faulty embryogenesis.
2-3), (7), (8) Strong inseparable links of unbroken wholeness pave the road to high-level wellness via a greater expression of embryologic and microbiome wisdom through human and microbial cell polarities.
It is estimated that accessory spleens exist in 10% of the general population; 15%-20% of the accessory spleens are located in the tail of the pancreas due to entrapment of splenic tissue in the dorsal pancreatic bud during embryologic development.
Human tail with non-contiguous intraspinal lipoma and spinal cord tethering: Case report and embryologic discussion.