embryo transfer

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em·bry·o trans·'fer

after in vitro artificial insemination, the embryo is transferred at the morula or blastocyst stage to the recipient's uterus or uterine tube.

embryo transfer

1. The process in which an egg that has been fertilized in vitro is transferred into a recipient's uterus.
2. A technique used in animal breeding in which an embryo from a superovulated female animal is transferred to the uterus of a recipient female animal. In both senses also called embryo transplant.

embryo transfer

a process of implanting a fertilized ovum in a uterus.


a new organism in the earliest stage of development, i.e. from the time that the fertilized embryo begins to develop a long axis up to the time that the major structures have begun to develop, when it becomes a fetus.

embryo collection
collection of an embryo from the genital tract for the purposes of embryo transfer; surgical and nonsurgical techniques available.
embryo cryopreservation
preservation of embryos by freezing.
hexacanth embryo
the larva with six hooks present in the cestode egg when it escapes from the uterus of the adult tapeworm. Called also oncosphere.
embryo micromanipulation
handling of an embryo under a microscope, for examination, dissection.
embryo transfer
collection of fertilized ova from one female before they become implanted and transfer to another female to complete the gestation. The donor is usually superovulated and then inseminated. Collection may be surgical via a laparotomy or nonsurgical by flushing through the cervix. Collected embryos must be stored carefully. They are evaluated in terms of fertilization, possibly cleaved artificially to create clones, and washed to eliminate the possibility of transferring infection with the embryo. Long-term storage by freezing is a practicable procedure. The recipient needs to be in appropriate stage of uterine receptivity, effected by synchronizing the estrus cycle with that of the donor.
embryo transplant
see embryo transfer (above).
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The "altered hormonal milieu" in women with PCOS, along with a need for ovarian stimulation cycle initiation with oral contraceptives or progestin may adversely affect endometrial receptivity after fresh embryo transfer, they explained.
Live birth rate is significantly higher after blastocyst transfer than after cleavage-stage embryo transfer when at least four embryos are available on day 3 of embryo culture.
Recipients with vaginal plugs were selected for embryo transfer.
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Part III explores the possible language and predicted effectiveness of a federal embryo transfer law.
Claiming that the restriction of embryo transfer practices will not limit reproductive rights seems to neglect the procreative choice of conceiving multiples in one pregnancy.
Microvol[TM]technology that decreases the volume of the fluid within the catheter that is required for embryo transfer.
No sand cat kitten has ever been born as a result of in-vitro fertilisation and embryo transfer.
2006: Four pure bred Stabiliser bull calves and one pure bred heifer born from embryo transfer, and more embryo transfer work done in order to create a foundation herd of pure bred Stabiliser.
Despite recently released guidelines from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), which suggest consideration of single embryo transfer in patients with the most favorable prognosis (Fertil.