identification dot

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i·den·ti·fi·ca·tion dot

(ī-den'ti-fi-ka'shŭn dot)
Small raised indicator on an intraoral radiographic film; used to determine film orientation.
Synonym(s): embossed dot.
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In Braille, the smallest physical unit is an embossed dot, while the smallest logical unit is a Braille cell -a 3 x 2 array of 6 dot-positions.
For example, consider a cell with embossed dot positions 4-2-6 (Figure 2a).
126) Swift's commentary about "dotting" most likely referred to the clarity of the embossed dot when it emerged from the press.
com; EMBOSSED DOT WHITE PLATE: Batte Furniture & Interiors, (BRIDAL REGISTRY) 601.
The body of the shirt has an embossed dot pattern inspired by the subway signs of New York, and the button placket features Roger's black RF monogram logo, applied using bonded innovation and laser cut detailing.
Braille is a form of written language for the blind that uses combinations of embossed dots and points, which are read by touch.
Wanting to add some curbside pizzazz to her Sherman Oaks midcentury home, Susan Allen and her husband -- a writer and producer for film -- had a wood entrance door replaced with one from Neoporte featuring a vertical swath of embossed dots.
2 -- color) The Neoporte door at Susan Allen's midcentury Sherman Oaks home features a swath of embossed dots.