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The parameters of system software influenced several performance features, including the time slot of embedded OS, kernel scheduling for each process, and the GUI resolution with color depth.
Moreover GUI, the embedded OS tuning, device driver optimization also affected the precision of the performance estimation.
The embedded OS can also be divided up into different functional components, which OEMs can then select for inclusion into their systems.
The miPC Infinity, described by Clearview as the world's smallest mobile Internet PC, runs a Windows CE 5.0 Pro embedded OS and is supplied with SoftMaker's Office 2008, Phatware's calligraphy recognition software, CE Agenda and the Opera browser.
This touch panel PC also comes with embedded OS support for Windows[R] 10, Windows[R] 8.1, Windows[R] 7, WE8S or WES7.
In addition, the AON Embedded OS has been designed with a modular software approach that allows the company's design engineers to easily add new optical devices, applications, and customer systems.
X-Wall MX+ is OS independent including embedded OS. Once authenticated, its operation is transparent to all users.
ThreadX/SMP is based on Express Logic's popular ThreadX RTOS, a small, highly efficient embedded OS that minimizes system overhead and provides lightning-fast, real-time response.

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