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adj referring to a tooth, root tip, or foreign body that is covered in bone.
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Sygate Security Agent for Windows XP Embedded extends Sygate's award-winning endpoint security technology to Windows XP Embedded devices, and includes the following functionality:
Link to risk analysis--When used with stochastic modeling and scenario testing, embedded value can greatly enhance an enterprise risk management analysis that links risk and value together to better frame risk/reward decisions for senior management.
Laboratories has joined the Windows Embedded Partner Program and look forward to extending its leading security offering to the broader Windows Embedded community," said Ilya Bukshteyn, director of Windows Embedded Marketing for the Mobile and Embedded Devices Division at Microsoft Corp.
We at Digi are dedicated to ensuring we offer support for Microsoft embedded operating systems as quickly as possible after they are released," stated Joel Young, CTO and Vice President of Research & Development, Digi International.
WIN Enterprises is excited to be the first AMD embedded industry technology partner to provide a single board computing solution based on the Second-Generation AMD Opteron processor," said Matt Stevenson, Chief Architect of WIN Enterprises.
Companies across the globe are increasingly moving data from traditional endpoints to embedded environments, escalating the risks for data leakage and malware.
Windows Embedded operating systems provide the technology, tools and resources to help drive the advancement of devices - including personal digital assistants (PDAs), ATMs and retail systems - as complete, end-to-end business systems.
These dedicated embedded applications servers are targeted at streaming media (Enterprise Content Delivery Network), Medical imaging, Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) and Network Boot Engine.
The Mocana Embedded EAP solution was built from the ground up specifically for embedded systems from mobile handheld devices to datacom equipment.
E[acute accent]RMS-Embedded allows customers of embedded vendors to purchase advanced features and new functionality easily and automatically.
The new SQL Server 2005 for Embedded Systems and Data Protection Manager 2006 for Embedded Systems products enable BSQUARE to engage with customers in new markets," said Brian Crowley, president and CEO of BSQUARE.