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Anal segment as long as ninth tergum, with a deep V-shaped emargination on posterior margin.
Ventral rim of pygophore with the medial U-shaped emargination relatively shallow (vre), 1 + 1 flaps slightly bending dorsad into the genital cup ([approximately equal to] Brepholoxa heidemanni Van Duzee); inferior folder of ventral rim developed in a medial bilobed projection (vrp), apparently an autapomorphy of Aleixus.
Tsuji (2006) scored the maxilla and the quadratojugal as being in contact in Nyctiphruretus based on illustrations of Ivakhnenko (1979) and Lee (1995, 1997), when in fact they are not due to a temporal emargination between the quadratojugal and the jugal (Fig.
An irregular transverse, opalescent-white band crosses the carapace anterior to the ocularium, two thin fingers of which project anteriorly to either side of the anterior emargination separated by a dark brown median line and bordered laterally by two dark brown islands.
oepa sp.nov, can be distinguished from these species by the following combination of characteristics: 1) medial denticle on anteromedian emargination of labrum much larger than others; 2) anterior tibiae slightly stained black toward the apex; 3) medial femora with few dorsal spines, similar to short thick needles; 4) hind femora with numerous dorsal spines, similar to short thick needles; 5) medial femora with no medial black markings, apical brown markings.
anostostoma has longer and more downcurved clypeus hornlets (length greater than diameter of eye), cerci without dorsal spinule, its subgenital plate has a v-shaped emargination, and the distance between the styli is barely greater than half their length.
Eyes are tan/ light-brown, large, and convex without internal emargination. Ratio of length of antennal fossa to length of lateral margin of pronotum (hypomeron) is 0.5:1.0.
2A); posterior margin of genital opening deeply emarginated, emargination round, surrounding parameres (Fig.
Sternum: Sternum type 2 (Soleglad & Fet 2003), much wider than long; apex width equal to posterior width; posterior emargination quite well developed, with convex lateral lobes conspicuously separated.