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Obsolete term once used to denote all radon isotopes collectively, when the term radon was restricted to the isotope radon-222, the naturally occurring intermediate of the uranium-238 radioactive series; so called because original names for radon-219, radon-220, and radon-222 were, respectively, "actinium emanation," "thorium emanation," and "radium emanation."
[L. emano, to flow out + -on]
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And, clearly, all those involved - aged from eight to 68 and including groups from Queens Hall Arts Centre in Hexham and emaNoN Dance company - thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Builders including Long Island Home Builders Care, Ornstein-Leyton Companies, Avalon Bay Communities, Crystal Bay Homes and Emanon Equities, participated in this project.
Outside work, she dances for a contemporary dance performance group, emaNoN, and is a keen gardener.
With: Emanon, Rahzel, Skratch, Wise, Daddy-o, 4Zone, ShaSha, Click, DOA, Biz Markie, Doug E.
Washington Trust's Commercial Real Estate Group recently provided $4,800,000 in commercial mortgage financing to Emanon Associates, L.
emaNoN dance relaunched in September and welcomes dancers of all ages, backgrounds and ability.
com); Carmen Rizzo (producer and remixer; Paul Oakenfold, BT, Tiesto, Coldplay); Aloe Blacc (MC, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer; Emanon, Stones Throw); James Leach, senior director of writer/publisher relations; SESAC Inc.
Even with newer technologies available every day, the cost efficiencies and ease of implementation associated with analog and T1-based voice services make them a must for solution providers like me," says David Halpern, president of Emanon Systems, a BusinessGuardian Authorized Reseller in Santa Cruz, CA.