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In embryology, delimitation of a specific area in an organ-forming field, giving definite shape and limits to the organ primordium.
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The more than $40,000 the fund has raised since its creation has aided emancipated youth with the little things, things that would arrive in care packages from the homes of their peers.
The main task of the newly emancipated was to locate family members from whom they had been separated under slavery.
We collected scale samples from fish that were Floy-tagged and examined a stratified sample of the scales to determine the age structure of emancipated Coho Salmon juveniles.
We will only be emancipated if we stop depending on men for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, and believe you me, if women become independent from men, you are bound to see a decrease in gender-based violence statistics.
In this case, it was observed that the practices related to the attempts to expel the merchants were part of a broader emancipated dimension than just a controversial decision whether to expel the invaders.
An emancipated minor was not elevated to the status of major but was given a preview of the control and responsibility awaiting him.
In Part Two, Aguirre looks at how authorities and intellectuals viewed Indians, blacks, emancipated slaves, Chinese immigrant workers (coolies), vagrants and the working poor, and he argues that class and racial biases affected interpretations of criminal behavior.
They also wanted to deny the right to vote to those who had supported the Confederacy, to mobilize the recently emancipated slaves on behalf of Radical Republican candidates and causes by promising them property that would be then confiscated from the former Confederates, to deny the Southern states congressional representation in Washington, and to install puppet state governments subservient to the Radical Republicans.
And from my own experience being emancipated in New York City at the age of 18, I couldn't even get a credit card application accepted because I didn't have an address.
He makes the hopes, fears and disappointments of the emancipated slaves and their champions come fully alive.
Madrid was founded by the Moors and only rose to prominence in the 16th century when King Philip II chose to make it Spain's first permanent court and the center from which he would manage his newly emancipated empire.
Mobley's study of Helen Barrett Montgomery, a Rochester New York social reformer, committed Baptist and proponent of women's missionary work in the late nineteenth century, asks if the Social Gospel movement should be redefined to include her gender-based theology which assumed women should be emancipated both in the United States and internationally.