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In embryology, delimitation of a specific area in an organ-forming field, giving definite shape and limits to the organ primordium.
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The groups support House Bill 1147 and asked that it be amended to allow emancipated 16 year olds to marry as well.
The more than $40,000 the fund has raised since its creation has aided emancipated youth with the little things, things that would arrive in care packages from the homes of their peers.
The majority of other emancipated slaves went to a small village just outside of Misurata, called Tawergha.
As a follow-up to The Future of the Image, The Emancipated Spectator takes a different approach to this attempted liberation.
We evaluated the behavior and movement of emancipated Coho Salmon in the lower Cowlitz River to determine if these fish initiated downstream movements to the ocean or remained in the system.
Today, organisations and individuals across the globe are striving for the equality and emancipation of women; and if you randomly ask any woman if she is emancipated, the answer you are likely to get is a brave yes.
Party sources tell Lajm that "if the PM position is given to Albanians, this would show the world that there are no interethnic problems in Macedonia and that Macedonians are an emancipated nation.
The authors do not point out the complex political situation behind the case: that the kidnapping occurred, and could only have occurred, in the Papal states where Jews were not emancipated and the Church exercised civil jurisdiction, that emancipated Jews elsewhere in Italy (Piedmont) tried to intercede, and that Jews in most German states were themselves not fully emancipated at the time (1858).
The Press is largely independent, women are emancipated, university education and health services free, and housing is heavily subsidised.
Liu (2003) explains that in a social representation a hegemonic face there exist the themata, as well as emancipated and controversial views.
Venture Smith and the Business of Slavery and Freedom provides a book that began in 2006, where a team of forensic scientists excavated the graves of emancipated slaves Venture Smith and his wife Margaret.