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In embryology, delimitation of a specific area in an organ-forming field, giving definite shape and limits to the organ primordium.
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The Fronde, which threatened to ruin monarchy, has emancipated it.
The wild rejoicing on the part of the emancipated coloured people lasted but for a brief period, for I noticed that by the time they returned to their cabins there was a change in their feelings.
Sanderson in Anerley who is already one of the emancipated, so that I have a nucleus.
The lower orders, or the emancipated slaves, are I believe extremely poor: they complain of the want of work.
The father did not bring him into being, or settle him in life, in order that when his son became a man he should himself be the servant of his own servants and should support him and his rabble of slaves and companions; but that his son should protect him, and that by his help he might be emancipated from the government of the rich and aristocratic, as they are termed.
Of Hazard"--that is the oldest nobility in the world; that gave I back to all things; I emancipated them from bondage under purpose.
The floors were scrubbed to that extent, that you might have supposed the London blacks emancipated for ever, and gone out of the land for good.
These gentlemen, like himself, were now emancipated from their 'prentice thraldom, and served as journeymen; but they were, in humble emulation of his great example, bold and daring spirits, and aspired to a distinguished state in great political events.
The message was no sooner whispered in his ear than he thrust them in his pocket among various professional documents, and hurried over the way with such alacrity that he reached the parlour before the messenger had even emancipated himself from the court.
These writers, party officials, and professionals were not just talking about sex; they were talking about gender, that is, about how women and men should relate to one another in a world where women were to be emancipated and all established institutions were to be made over.
Drew, who entered rehab for drug and alcohol abuse at 14 and was emancipated from her famous parents at 15, blames her unconventional childhood for the rift.