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1. Any substance that flows out or is emitted from a source or origin.
2. The radiation from a radioactive element.
[L. e- mano, pp. -atus, to flow out]
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1. Any substance that flows out or is emitted from a source or origin.
2. The radiation from a radioactive element.
[L. e-mano, pp. -atus, to flow out]
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(em-a-na'shun) [L. e, out, + manare, to flow]
1. Something given off; radiation; emission.
2. A gaseous product of radioactive disintegration.

actinium emanation

The radioactive gas given off by actinium; a radioactive isotope of actinium. Synonym: actinon

radium emanation

The radioactive gas given off by radium. Synonym: radon

thorium emanation

The radioactive gas given off by thorium. Synonym: thoron
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In these cases, radon atoms are not able to escape as the brown motion does not generate sufficient kinetic energy, and these atoms make no contribution to radon emanation. Hence, this study focuses on free-state radon.
High NOX emanation is as a rule perceived with profoundly warmed and packed air [2, 4].
For reasons of space, Friedman understandably omits a set of German Dominicans, including Albertus Magnus, who defended the emanation account; but it would have been interesting to discuss why they took this anomalous position.
The keystrokes can be retrieved not only through EM emanations, but also some other side channels, such as optical reflection [12], acoustic leakage [13-15], and so on.
Figure 1 shows the emanation spectra of two different products of monitors (Samsung SyncMaster, ACER) compared with the ambient noise measured in the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Laboratory at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT).
Emanation patterns and technology-foundationd patterns are consistent with the administrative mindset of firms operating in such contexts, or firms that might not respond to fees or subsidies.
Flexible Foam--"Novel amine catalyst for low emanation flexible polyurethane foam," Annegret Terheiden, Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH.
When she and her friends dare to break into an old weather-worn house, she feels the emanation of a mysterious presence.
[...] All their transformations, however, as my first glimpse had showed me, possessed the common quality of malice, which infected the air around them, as if, throughout the centuries of their long lives, they'd been accumulating contempt and bitterness for their human creators, which found expression in this emanation." With its backdrop of war and misguided nationalism, Kavan's novel will certainly resonate with a contemporary readership.
Ling had been missing for close to a week before concern (not to mention the emanation of a discernibly foul odor from the room) prompted Ling's cousin, the proprietor of the restaurant, to call the police.
Keywords: manifestation (tajalli) versus displacement (tajafi); aspects of descent across the hierarchy of existence; emanation; illuminationist relations; nature and origination.
The professor in a political science course opened a class meeting by saying that "he had taken the Bill of Rights into a dark room, repeatedly, and never had he ever seen an emanation coming from it, nor a penumbra around it!" He plunged the class right into the controversial language of Justice William O.