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entitlement of an individual to receive services based on that individual's enrollment in a health care plan.


Vox populi Having a required qualification


(el′ĭ-jĭ-bĭl) [L. eligibilis]
Qualified to be considered a candidate for a role, e.g., membership in a professional society or enrollment in an insurance program or a research study.
eligibility (el″ĭ-jĭ-bil′ĭt-ē)

Patient discussion about eligibility

Q. Would people with bipolar disorder be considered eligible to compete in the olympics? I am a shuttle relay state champion. I won many cups in state and country level. My long-time-goal is to have my name at least on the Olympics list. But here is a new problem to spoil my goal. I am diagnosed as bipolar-I. Now my worry is would people with bipolar disorder be considered eligible to compete in the Olympics? Or will I be able to compete in the Special Olympics?

A. wow...good question...can mental health patient be a special Olympic athletes. i think you should check it out with simple phone call, here is how to locate a special Olympics Program near you:

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Third payment: eligibility will be based on the records of registered shareholders according to company records at the end of trading on the day of September 30th, 2014 and will be paid after two weeks after the eligibility date.
In my April 2006 article for Real Estate Weekly, I noted that the DEC's eligibility guidelines for the BCP have been subject to harsh criticism by practitioners.
If the disabled individual cannot meet all the essential eligibility requirements because of his disability, it must be determined if reasonable accommodations can be made that will allow the disabled individual to become otherwise qualified.
While there may be some of that at work, the potential abuse of eligibility is high, given the complexity of plan requirements, as well as understandable concern by employees who want to maintain coverage for family members.
Students in most states will experience some decrease in Title IV eligibility, but the magnitude of such a loss in eligibility is difficult to estimate due to the interactive nature of certain need analysis elements, the packaging philosophies of different student aid offices, and the possible use of professional judgment by aid administrators.
All the facts are looked at in determining eligibility," said Kelly-Brenner.
But only the most disabled of these recipients will meet SSI eligibility criteria and many will remain on the TANF rolls for extended periods during the SSI application process.
In the late fall of 2002, Parliament unanimously passed a resolution calling on the government tO act on the Sub Committees recommendations, particularly recommendations "calling for changes to the eligibility requirements of the Disability Tax Credit so that they will incorporate in a more humane and compassionate manner the real life circumstances of persons with disabilities and withdraw the proposed changes to the Disability Tax Credit released on August 30, 2002.
Because only a portion of the taxpayer's EIC eligibility is being precertified, it is unknown the type of assurance letters taxpayers will receive, and the recourse they will have if precertification is denied.
com) has announced GovLogist -- an e- government application that determines and calculates citizen's eligibility for government benefits such as health insurance, social security insurance, disability benefits, tax benefits, etc.