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Siberian ginseng

Herbal medicine
A plant found in Siberia and China that is similar in effect to Asian (Panax) ginseng and American (Panax quinquefolius) ginseng, but is less intense in its activity. Like the others, Siberian ginseng is used for colds, depression, fatigue, respiratory complaints and to stimulate the immune system.
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And the Adaptogen Toddy combines Cognac, apple-cardamom shrub, adaptogen elixir (eleuthero, schizandra, burdock, fo-ti, astragalus), honey, allspice dram, lemon juice and hot water.
Advanced Adrenal Factor also contains liver concentrate, cordyceps, eleuthero, and ashwagandha to support healthy energy levels and enable you to handle everyday stress more effectively.
Participants were given capsules that contained Acerola Cherry, Alpha Lipoic Acid (flax extract), B vitamins (food source), Bovine Brain, Bovine Medulla, Bovine Pancreas, Bovine Pituitary, Bovine Trachea, Corn Silk, Deoxyribonucleic Acid (wild salmon extract), Eleuthero Root, Flaxseeds, Grape Seed Extract (92% proanthocyanidins), L-Carnosine (fermented grain extractgluten free), L-Methionine (fermented grain extractgluten free), L-Tyrosine (fermented bean source), Lecithin (bean source), and Ribonucleic Acid (Saccharomyces cerevisae extract).
Another great immune herb that is best known for its ability to give energy is eleuthero (formerly known as Siberian ginseng).
For instance, Hain Celestial Group's Celestial Seasonings Ginseng Energy Wellness Tea combines the whole root of eleuthero with ginseng and B vitamins to help maintain stamina.
For example, Ginseng Energy Wellness Tea combines the whole root of eleuthero with Asian and American ginseng and B vitamins to help maintain stamina.
Try Well's "exclusive blend of tonifying herbs formulated to support healthy energy levels." That's the way drweil.com describes his Energy Support Formula--a mix of eleuthero, cordyceps, and ashwagandha, "all traditional herbs which may give those energy levels the boost you need."
According to a new study, eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus), an herb used for centuries, may be effective for treating some allergies.
Herbal immune helpers include echinacea, astragalus, and eleuthero. Sprinkle a small amount of the herb over a pet's food--try a pinch or two daily for three weeks each month.