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/el·e·men·ta·ry/ (el″ĕ-men´tah-re) not resolvable or divisible into simpler parts or components.


not resolvable into simpler parts.

elementary body
1. the constituent parts of inclusion bodies. Considered to be virus particles. See also inclusion body.
2. basic extracellular infectious unit of Chlamydiales.

Patient discussion about elementary

Q. My daughter has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer .. she is 35 years old .. and it's only the elementary diagnose and according to the doctors in a very early stages so they are very hopeful for recovery ... i am kind of in a no mans land .. i don't know how to support her and i don't know about the process and the meaning of it .. .can anyone help me to understand a little about what she and i are facing ?

A. finding out that your child has a horrible disease is a big shock. it pulls the carpet under your feet, you loose one of the biggest strength as a parent- the ability to protect your child. suddenly you cannot help your child and this ability moved on to doctors.
a very scary feeling.
it's o.k. to feel that way. your daughter is a grown woman and you can share that feeling with her. that will lighten the burden on your shoulder and then you will be able to be there to your daughter and not just tied up in your own feelings.

keep us updated about it!!

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He has a power likewise of realizing and conveying to the consciousness of his reader abstract and elementary impressions, silence, darkness, absolute motionlessness, or, again, the whole complex sentiment of a particular place, the abstract expression of desolation in the long [99] white road, of peacefulness in a particular folding of the hills.
But it was not for such passionless calm that he preferred the scenes of [103] pastoral life; and the meditative poet, sheltering himself from the agitations of the outward world, is in reality only clearing the scene for the exhibition of great emotions, and what he values most is the almost elementary expression of elementary feelings.
He failed to realize that the French people were asserting their most elementary rights against an oppression a hundred times more intolerable than anything that the Americans had suffered; his imagination had long before been dazzled during a brief stay in Paris by the external glitter of the French Court; his own chivalrous sympathy was stirred by the sufferings of the queen; and most of all he saw in the Revolution the overthrow of what he held to be the only safe foundations of society--established government, law, social distinctions, and religion--by the untried abstract theories which he had always held in abhorrence.
Now that the Commune had some revenues of its own, no opposition was raised in any quarter when they were spent on building a town-hall, with a free school for elementary education in the building and accommodation for a teacher.
Fyne if she did not think it was a sort of duty to show elementary consideration not only for the natural feelings but even for the prejudices of one's fellow- creatures.
Margaret flushed at advice so elementary, but he was really paving the way for a lie.
Of course, the words "this has existed before" are a very inadequate translation of what actually happens when we form a judgment of recognition, but that is unavoidable: words are framed to express a level of thought which is by no means primitive, and are quite incapable of expressing such an elementary occurrence as recognition.
He then took a cursory view of the present state of the science and explained many of its elementary terms.
Before turning to those moral and mental aspects of the matter which present the greatest difficulties, let the enquirer begin by mastering more elementary problems.
Total schools: 431 elementary, 73 middle, 53 high, 17 multilevel, 45 continuation high schools, 19 special education, 26 community adult
There has been a tremendous change in our school since the implementation of our Co-nect professional development solution," said Paulette Bolton, principal of Walter Francis White Elementary School.
The middle and senior high schools did slightly better than the elementary schools this year,'' said Esther Wong, assistant superintendent of planning, assessment and research at LAUSD, adding that a lackluster performance by third-graders likely led to the elementary school decline.