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/el·e·men·ta·ry/ (el″ĕ-men´tah-re) not resolvable or divisible into simpler parts or components.


not resolvable into simpler parts.

elementary body
1. the constituent parts of inclusion bodies. Considered to be virus particles. See also inclusion body.
2. basic extracellular infectious unit of Chlamydiales.

Patient discussion about elementary

Q. My daughter has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer .. she is 35 years old .. and it's only the elementary diagnose and according to the doctors in a very early stages so they are very hopeful for recovery ... i am kind of in a no mans land .. i don't know how to support her and i don't know about the process and the meaning of it .. .can anyone help me to understand a little about what she and i are facing ?

A. finding out that your child has a horrible disease is a big shock. it pulls the carpet under your feet, you loose one of the biggest strength as a parent- the ability to protect your child. suddenly you cannot help your child and this ability moved on to doctors.
a very scary feeling.
it's o.k. to feel that way. your daughter is a grown woman and you can share that feeling with her. that will lighten the burden on your shoulder and then you will be able to be there to your daughter and not just tied up in your own feelings.

keep us updated about it!!

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