elemental mercury vapor

elemental mercury vapor,

n a form of mercury released from dental fillings and absorbed through the lungs into tissues.
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Hanson also made the first quantitative measures of the exchange of elemental mercury vapor with plant foliage.
Approximately 80% of elemental mercury vapor is absorbed by the human body through inhalation, in contrast with ingestion or dermal exposure to elemental mercury, which rarely results in toxicity [International Program on Chemical Safety (IPCS) 1991].
Breast milk is also a potential source of exposure to inorganic mercury, whether the initial source of the mercury is maternal exposure to elemental mercury vapor or methylmercury-contaminated fish (Bjornberg, Vahter, Berglund, Niklasson, Blennow, & Sandborgh-Englund, 2005; Oskarsson, Schutz, Skerfving, Hallen, Ohlin, & Lagerkvist, 1996).
High concentrations of elemental mercury vapor or long-term exposure to mercury vapor can have severe effects on the respiratory and central nervous systems.
Editorial Note: Most poisonings associated with exposure to elemental mercury occur in occupational settings, and reports of nonoccupational elemental mercury vapor poisonings are rare, especially in community-based settings (1)(2).
Most human mercury exposure occurs through inhalation of elemental mercury vapor released from dental amalgam and through the consumption of fish contaminated with methylmercury (Berlin et al.
Extensive distribution of mercury throughout the brain has been observed following exposure of mice to elemental mercury vapor.
In the processing of used fluorescent lamps, elemental mercury vapor may potentially be released at levels that may exceed occupational exposure standards (U.
In this study, we evaluated the impact of long-term occupational exposure to elemental mercury vapor ([Hg.
Elemental mercury vapor accounts for most of those reported cases (Agocs et al.
Currently, the Respiratory Toxicology Group is exploring the health effects of inhaling elemental mercury vapor.