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Telaria's interoperability with AWS Elemental MediaTailor provides secure, scalable, reliable solutions for the monetization of Connected TV (CTV) video content.
said, "We are proud to work with Borea Construction and Elemental Energy on the Brooks Solar Project, a landmark project for the province of Alberta.
As the industry greets many new consumers, it is critical for us to provide alternate shopping experiences that allow the consumer to have various education and shopping opportunities," said Steve Peterson, Elemental Wellness CFO.
The second trajectory revolves around recent critical and creative engagements with questions of the elemental as a differentiated category designating, variously, a chemical entity, an environmental milieu or a shifting ontological condition (Adey, 2015; Cohen and Duckert, 2016; Engelmann, 2015b; Galloway and Thacker, 2007; Squire, 2016).
Elemental was selected by an international jury, from a list of 26 strong competitors, based on their strategies for the site and its links to the city.
I've been play testing Elemental Shaman builds, trying everything from Doomhammer -focused builds to ones that play Magma Rager.
TV is the Elemental Server; the Elemental Live encoder provides compression of streamed content; and the service is also supported by Elemental Delta, which provides just-in-time packaging, wrapping video outputs in both MPEG-DASH with WideVine and HLS with Verimatrix rights management.
Recent technology investments by Elemental give video providers the ability to enhance, extend and enrich video offerings so that today's consumers receive more immersive and personalised viewing experiences.
Solutions from Elemental provide the flexibility, scalability and performance required to deliver high quality video via turnkey, cloud-based and virtualized deployment models.
Catalysts involved in drug production are a key source of elemental impurities, which at higher levels can be harmful to patients.
Amazon Web Services Inc (AWS), a company of Amazon Inc (Nasdaq:AMZN), announced on Thursday that it has reached an agreement to acquire Elemental Technologies Inc, a provider of software-defined video solutions for multiscreen content delivery.
The leading Arabic networks are using solutions from Elemental to process and deliver video for distribution to a worldwide audience on mobile phones and tablets, generate additional advertising revenue and prepare for World Cup 2022.