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An electric scalpel.
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The number, structure and surface blood supply of endometrial polyps can be clearly seen under hysteroscope;12-14 moreover polyps can be thoroughly removed by electrotome, and the depth of resection can be controlled to reduce damages to body and benefit postoperative recovery.
High-frequency electrotome, APC, cryotherapy, laser, and tracheal stents can rapidly improve airway stenosis with a lower incidence of adverse events.[24],[25] A study by Li et al .[26] recommended the bronchoscopic laser method as an alternative to radical surgery in MEC confined to the bronchus; moreover, they successfully used Nd-YAG laser in two patients.
After the tumor was removed, an electrotome (ERBE, Germany) was used to cauterize the inner surface of the bony cavity.
To maintain blood flow, the skin incision for the mediastinal tracheal hole was cut using a sharp scalpel and Metzenbaum scissors, without an electrotome (Figures 3(b) and 3(c)).
53 patients were treated with bronchoscopic interventions, including Nd-YAG laser, argon plasma coagulation (APC), freezing, drug spraying, clamping, resection, high-frequency electrotome cautery, stent implantation, and microwaving.
Effect of high-frequency electrotome on muscular tissue of rabbit in vivo.
The biopsy can be performed by different tools, from classic scalpel to electrotome, piezosurgery, cryosurgery, and laser devices.
improved methods of anastomosis and use of the electrotome and ultrosonic scalpel), intra-operative management and postoperative care into account.[36,44,47-56] There is no doubt that these advances reduce postoperative complications.[57] Such methodological and reporting deficiencies would make it difficult to draw objective conclusions, and may be one of the reasons why controversy exists.