colloidal metal

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col·loi·dal met·al

a colloidal solution of a metal obtained by passing electric sparks between terminals of the metal in distilled water.
Synonym(s): electrosol
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You may supplement your birds with Stressmix and Electrosol oral in their drinking water to compensate energy lost due to inability to feed.
In the autodish category, Reckitt Benckiser rolled out Electrosol with Jet Dry Action and is expanding the brand with a new green apple fragrance.
As supportive therapy while treating all forms of diarrhoea, always provide the birds with Electrosol Oral, a quality product that contains dextrose and electrolytes that provide energy, corrects the electrolyte imbalances and helps in rehydration of the birds.
This month, Reckitt is launching several Electrosol products in a Green Apple fragrance, such as 20-count Powerball, 20-count Gelpac and 75-oz.
Researchers at Electrosols, a biotechnology company (uses living things to make products) in Oxford, England, have developed a medicinal spray that covers wounds and acts like new skin.
The spray-on solution from Electrosols, a biotechnology company based in Haslemere, Surrey, provides a base on which collagen-making cells called fibroblasts can grow.