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e·lec·tro·ret·i·no·gram (ERG),

A record of the retinal action currents produced in the retina by an adequate light stimulus.
[electro- + retina + G. gramma, something written]
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(ERG) (ĕ-lek'trō-ret'i-nō-gram)
A record of the retinal action currents produced in the retina by an adequate light stimulus.
[electro- + retina + G. gramma, something written]
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A recording of the summation of the electric changes occurring in the retina under different conditions, such as exposure to flashes of bright light. The ERG is of value in the diagnosis of some uncommon conditions affecting the RODS or the CONES.
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electroretinogram (ERG)

Recording of mass electrical response of the retina when it is stimulated by light. It is recorded by placing an electrode in contact with the cornea (often with the aid of a contact lens) or around the eye under the eyelid. A second electrode is placed either on the forehead or the face. The response is complex as many cells of various types contribute to it and varies according to whether the eye is dark or light adapted, the colour of the stimulus, the health of the retina, etc. The curve consists of two major components: a negative a-wave and a positive b-wave. The a-wave originates in the photoreceptors while the b-wave originates in the bipolar and Mueller cells. Both waves also have a photopic and a scotopic component.
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