Obsolete term for the use of electricity and x-ray in treatment.
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Results of design contests: Providing 24-hour health services in the field of professional activities of nurses and electroradiology technicians as part of on-call duty at the institute of cardiology in warsaw at ul.
(3.) Student of the Electroradiology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Medical University of Bialystok, Poland
(i) Radiation resistance: tumour which estimated local dose required for local control that is higher that the maximum acceptable dose equivalent (MPDE) for surrounding organs necessarily irradiated under applicable technical conditions, assessed by a radiation oncologist (guide des Procedures de Radiotherapie Externe 2007 (guidelines for external radiotherapy procedures); joint effort by the French society for oncology radiotherapy (societe Franfaise de radiotherapie oncologique--SFRO), and the French society for medical physics (societe francaise de physique medicale--SFPM), conducted in collaboration with the representatives of the French association of electroradiology paramedical workers (association francaise du personnel paramedical delectroradiologie--AFPPE)).
Temporary work services in the paramedical sector (care assistant and childcare assistant, iade, ibode, ide, masseur physiotherapist, electroradiology manipulator, pharmacy trainer, nursery nurse and midwife) needed for various assistance hospitals public - paris hospitals.
The analysis of the education level of respondents showed that almost 60% of respondents studied nursing, 30%--physiotherapy and 10%--other fields of studies, such as public health, speech therapy with phonoaudiology and electroradiology. This group consisted predominantly of first-year students (61.0%), 18% were second-year students and the remaining 21.0% were students attending their third year.
Contract notice: english training services for students of the training institute of medical electroradiology manipulators (ifmem) of the center of the training and the development of competences of the public assistance - hospitals of paris.
Table 2, 3 and 4 present a quantitative summary concerning students of the Medical Faculty (major: medicine) and the Faculty of Health Sciences (majors: nursing, obstetrics, physical therapy, dietetics, public health and electroradiology).
Temporary work services in the para-medical sector (caregiver and child care assistant, IADE, IBODE, IDE, physiotherapist, radiographer electroradiology, pharmaceutical assistant, nursery nurse and midwife) as part of the failure of holders major markets paramedical interim.
Contract award: temporary work services in the para-medical sector (caregiver and child care assistant, iade, ibode, ide, physiotherapist, radiographer electroradiology, pharmaceutical assistant, nursery nurse and midwife).
- Protection service technician electroradiology CT scanner, ultrasound, mammography, X-ray equipment including X-ray devices for bedside testing pm.
english, department of research and development, department of geriatrics and gerontology, department of optometry and visual system biology, department of bromatology, electroradiology department, department of nursing and the department of jaw orthopedics and orthodontics.