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Relating to electrophoresis, as an electrophoretic separation.
Synonym(s): ionophoretic


Relating to electrophoresis, as an electrophoretic separation.
Synonym(s): ionophoretic.


(i-lek″trŏ-fŏ-rē′sĭs) [ electro- + Gr. phorēsis, being carried]
The movement of charged colloidal particles through the medium in which they are dispersed as a result of changes in electrical potential. Electrophoretic methods are useful in the analysis of protein mixtures because protein particles move with different velocities depending on their mass and charge. electrophoretic (-ret′ik), adjective

gel electrophoresis

The separation of whole or fragmented molecules, such as nucleic acids, through an electrically charged gel. The smaller the molecule, the faster its migration through the gel.
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According to the researchers, one of the most important innovations of the research was to benefit from the effect of solvent type in the formation of suspension on the electrophoretic deposition process and on the coating properties.
The decrease in CA 19-9 correlated with a decrease in the electrophoretic fraction migrating between the [beta] and [gamma] region.
E] = electrophoretic mobility, [epsilon] = dielectric constant, z = zeta potential, f(ka) = Henry's constant (1.
While electroosmotic flow moves charged and neutral molecules, electrophoretic flow separates ions by their charge and their ability to move through the fluid.
He also believes that using periodic electrical field in the electrophoretic deposition process was one of the advantages of this study.
I'm not sure how that discussion would have gone in the early days of electrophoretic primers.
An aliquot of each sample was denatured at 95[degrees]C for 3 min and cooled on ice before the electrophoretic separation.
The success of this product created a demand from customers for a coating combining the properties of Marban with those of the company's renowned electrophoretic Clearclad HSR.
Capillary zone electrophoretic separations of synthesized dendrimers were performed on a home-made CE setup consisting of a high voltage power supply unit (International High Voltage Electronics, Inc.

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