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Relating to electrophoresis, as an electrophoretic separation.
Synonym(s): ionophoretic
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Relating to electrophoresis, as an electrophoretic separation.
Synonym(s): ionophoretic.
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(i-lek″trŏ-fŏ-rē′sĭs) [ electro- + Gr. phorēsis, being carried]
The movement of charged colloidal particles through the medium in which they are dispersed as a result of changes in electrical potential. Electrophoretic methods are useful in the analysis of protein mixtures because protein particles move with different velocities depending on their mass and charge. electrophoretic (-ret′ik), adjective

gel electrophoresis

The separation of whole or fragmented molecules, such as nucleic acids, through an electrically charged gel. The smaller the molecule, the faster its migration through the gel.
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In a situation where a nonaqueous electrophoretic buffer contains a deprotonated acid, the resulting anion may form a heteroconjugate with an undissociated acidic analyte, thus imparting a negative charge to an analyte that would otherwise remain uncharged.
I'm not sure how that discussion would have gone in the early days of electrophoretic primers.
An aliquot of each sample was denatured at 95[degrees]C for 3 min and cooled on ice before the electrophoretic separation.
Keywords: Carbon fibers, Multiwalled carbon nanotubes, Electrophoretic deposition, Shear strength, De-sizing, Composites.
Electrophoretic pattern of cow, buffalo, sheep, goat and camel (Fig.
Bromophenol blue (BPB) is regularly used as a dye marker to find out an ion front in the electrophoretic techniques.
The Zetasizer Nano's electrophoretic light scattering capabilities are allowing researchers to better understand the nature of the electrostatic interactions between proteins and peptides.
Abstract The electrophoretic deposition (EPD) of chitosan coatings on 316L stainless steel substrates using alcohol-water solutions was investigated in different electrical fields and times.
The electrophoretic display (EPD) is a good example with a visual effect similar to ink-printed paper giving rise to the term "paper-like display".