electronic stethoscope

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electronic stethoscope

a stethoscope designed and equipped to detect and amplify body sounds.

electronic stethoscope

A stethoscope equipped to amplify electronically sounds from the body.
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an instrument used to hear and amplify the sounds produced by the heart, lungs and other internal organs.
The modern stethoscope is binaural, with two earpieces and flexible rubber leading to them from the two-branched opening of the bell or cone. In this way, sound travels simultaneously through both of the branches to the earpieces. See also phonendoscope.

electronic stethoscope
audible sounds are magnified through an amplifier to earphones, of which there may be more than one set, and may be broadcast through loudspeakers, but in both instances the results are mediocre.
esophageal stethoscope
one passed into the esophagus with the tip positioned at the level of the heart. It provides an excellent means of monitoring heart sounds and respiration while the animal is anesthetized.
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The 3000 range includes two highly sophisticated electronic stethoscopes, the 3100 and the 3200 which is equipped with cutting edge BluetoothA technology.
The Stethos(TM) electronic stethoscope is intended to provide significant value to domestic and international healthcare sectors by reducing morbidity, mortality and cost through earlier detection of both emergent and chronic conditions.
This alliance with 3M will allow us to seamlessly integrate our advanced sound analysis technology with 3M's next-generation electronic stethoscopes and turn this vision into a reality on a global level.
In tandem with the innovative Littmann([R]) Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200, the software is transforming the tele-auscultation experience so clinicians can consult with colleagues in real-time, across data networks, anywhere in the world or outer space.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Stethoscopes in US$ Thousand by the following Product Segments: Manual & Mechanical Stethoscopes, Electronic Stethoscopes, Esophageal Stethoscopes, Fetal Stethoscopes, and Fetal Heart Rate Detectors.
The Scope-to-Scope Software is paired with the Bluetooth[R]-enabled wireless Littmann[R] Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200, a next-generation auscultation device that allows a clinician across the globe to detect difficult-to-hear body sounds as clearly as if he/she were right there, performing the patient exam themselves.
3]s first wireless electronic stethoscope with smartphone connection, which further improves the quality and power of the sound up to 20 times compared to traditional stethoscopes.
Tenders are invited for Electronic Stethoscope Tmst-3 Including Two Probs Of 70Mm And 220Mm Make Skf Or Fag Or Nsk Or Nei Only To Be Purchased From Authorised Dealer Firm Has To Produce Documentry Evidence
Littmann electronic stethoscope Model 3200 with Zargis Cardioscan heart sound analysis software (Gold)
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Bty 9v Ni-Card Rechargeable Pp3 For Electronic Stethoscope, Bty Uniross Ni-Cd Re-Chg 1.
The meeting showcased the reinvention of abrasive materials, and advancements in mobile projection and electronic stethoscope technology to illustrate a resurgence of innovation.

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