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product from Deep Web Technologies is a unique resource that allows access to electronic research and information from a single web portal, amalgamating database, electronic book, and electronic journal content at a convenient access point.
He argued that, since electronic journal are developing as a new information platform, their promotion requires more than just notification.
There are about 15,000 print subscribers, and the electronic journal logs about 5 million page views annually.
At the same time, maintaining a server becomes cheaper with time and infrastructure becomes more efficient and standardized and thus the costs of running an electronic journal will go down and the cost savings will be more significant on the part of the publisher.
In a telephone conversation, President Marzouki congratulated Mehdi Gharbi on his commitment, for over ten years, to "spread the voice of justice and defend activists at the time of dictatorship" through his electronic journal "Tunisnews.
It's quite likely during my tenure at Annals that print will become increasingly less important and the electronic journal increasingly important.
The EMR selection tool is a service from EHR Scope, a quarterly electronic journal published by EMRConsultant, that features half-page listings providing readers with the information they need to make an informed EMR-purchase decision, such as best-practice guidance on simplifying the implementation process.
com (New York), a web site and publisher of information on immigration law, has begun the publication of "The PERM Quarterly," a new print and electronic journal for immigration professionals.
Berkeley Electronic Press (Berkeley, CA) is now publishing "International Commentary on Evidence," an electronic journal produced twice a year to cover evidence law and theory.
The evidence appears in the publicly available electronic journal Avian Conservation and Ecology.
It is an electronic journal and can be accessed at http://www.
Exemplars of the use of the sense-making methodology (meta-theory and method): In-depth introduction to the sense-making issues of the Electronic Journal of Communication.

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