electronic funds transfer

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e·lec·tron·ic funds trans·fer

(EFT) (ĕ-lek-tron'ik fŭndz trans'fĕr)
The automatic deposit of funds from one account to another account; often used in third-party reimbursement to health care providers.
Synonym(s): automated deposit.
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To the extent that premiums are routinely paid through electronic funds transfer, agents and agency support staff spend less time resolving billing-related issues.
Tax Executives Institute appreciates this opportunity to present its views on the very important subject of electronic funds transfer procedures for the payment of state taxes.
Vigo is one of the largest electronic funds transfer companies in the United States and provides affordable and efficient payment services with more than 4,000 agents in 45 states in the U.
An internationally renowned expert in technological advancement within the healthcare industry, Miller will oversee the product evolution of the company's flagship electronic funds transfer and electronic claims remittance solution, PaySpan Health.
The Board of Directors of the Electronic Funds Transfer Association, a leading trade organization in the electronic payments industry, today announced its new executive officers for 2007.
The Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN), an electronic funds transfer network founded in 1985, serves more than 337 defense credit unions and military banks and 92 million cardholders.
Nasdaq:FISV) said its Fiserv EFT business unit processed record-setting electronic funds transfer (EFT) transaction volume for 2005, including best-ever monthly volume in December.
Innovative Process Solutions (IPS) offers electronic funds transfer services including direct-to-card payroll technology, electronic fuel and transaction processing, asset management services, and research and development of technology services for the trucking industry.
The Electronic Funds Transfer Association and its EBT Industry Council today issued the following statement on the decision of NACHA--the Electronic Payments Association, to terminate its Electronic Benefits and Services Council.

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