electronic funds transfer

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e·lec·tron·ic funds trans·fer

(EFT) (ĕ-lek-tron'ik fŭndz trans'fĕr)
The automatic deposit of funds from one account to another account; often used in third-party reimbursement to health care providers.
Synonym(s): automated deposit.
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, Counter-Top Terminals, Mobile Terminals & Inbuilt Terminals have been considered for segmenting Electronic Funds Transfer Point of Sale (EFTPOS) Terminals market by type.
"Selecting CheckFree to support ElectricStreets' electronic funds transfer solution was easy, since the firm offers the most reliable products available on the market."
The Department is currently planning to accept 1995 corporation franchise/income estimated tax payments by electronic funds transfer. Information will be sent with 1995 estimated tax vouchers in January 1995.
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has said that it will examine extending availability of National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) round the clock.
Global Banking News-May 16, 2019--Indian central bank to examine extending National Electronic Funds Transfer
The total value of daily electronic funds transfer in Nigeria has risen to 80 billion naira, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) said, hailing the introduction of its cash-less policy for the rise (US$1=155 naira).
The service includes comparisons of such topics as: deposit of withheld tax; electronic funds transfer; electronic/magnetic media filing; garnishments; income tax withholding; interstate employment and reciprocal agreements; minimum wage; overtime pay; and, wage payment, among others.
ProxyMed and First Data will allow health care providers and insurance companies to convert existing paper-based checks and explanation of benefits into HIPAA-compliant electronic ERAs with electronic funds transfer. The processing and settlement of the financial transactions and payments will start and end within the First Data processing system.
* Offering direct payment services, such as payroll deduction or electronic funds transfer? Such services reduce the amount of time your agency spends administering premium payments, while increasing customer retention.
Payment Systems Risk and Electronic Funds Transfer. The update discusses the Board's December 11, 2001, revision of the policy statement on payments system risk (PSR policy).
Product is sold and a concurrent collection transaction is initiated using a credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT), thus eliminating most receivables.

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