electronic fetal monitor

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e·lec·tron·ic fe·tal mon·i·tor

an instrument for continuous monitoring of the fetal heart before or during labor.

electronic fetal monitor

An electronic device used during labor to monitor fetal heartbeat and maternal uterine contractions.
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First-year residents become familiar with electronic fetal monitor tracings before they begin duties on the obstetric floor.
Yet an electronic fetal monitor may be available for a difficult labor.
1), is about a mechanical device (the STAN monitor) designed to correct the flaws of another mechanical device (the standard electronic fetal monitor).
* Use of electronic fetal monitors is more than 85 percent on low-risk women.
The newest electronic fetal monitors now provide for electronic data entry by health care providers, detailing examinations, blood pressure, and other clinical findings, as well as a precise digital graph of fetal heart tones and uterine contractions.
What do radical feminists tell women who choose to "medicalize" the birth process by using such devices as electronic fetal monitors? Or the many women who seek out new technologies in order to have a child?

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