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n the abbreviation for electronic data processing.
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Taiwan Electronic Data Processing Corporation ("TEDPC"), a group of Systex Corporation, is a leading medical software developer, providing healthcare information and medical imaging solutions in Taiwan.
Most electronic data processing coverage forms that provide business income do not contain such a limitation, but it is not always appropriate or desirable to segregate the coverage for your data processing exposures.
AGMs: Chemex International, Electronic Data Processing, Imperial Tobacco Group, Sidlaw Group
A tax auditor's responsibility is to examine the tax accrual and reporting system, procedures and methodology, not necessarily to audit the electronic data processing (EDP)/EDI systems.
Fleenor, CPA, Loranger, Louisiana, a member of the auditing standards board computer auditing subcommittee, describes the guidance in existing auditing standards on electronic data processing.
The electronic data processing cell of the Corporation has initiated work on analyzing the possibility of implementing various aspects of e-governance in the city.
By tightly integrating Lextranet's system into Dativision's paper and electronic data processing services, clients are provided with a superior web- based document review and repository alternative with full review and production functionality.
Input and output devices such as printers that are attached to general purpose electronic data processing equipment will qualify.
As if electronic data processing (EDP) isn't complex enough, an increasing number of organizations transmit data electronically to and from their various offices, customers and suppliers.
Celerity provides these clients with a variety of services in areas such as litigation preparedness, discovery management, electronic data processing, claims resolution, and general information management in both regulatory and non-regulatory environments.
Monroe County, Florida wishes to receive proposals for the following insurance protection: [beaucoup moins que] Real and Personal Property (currently includes Builders Risk) [beaucoup moins que] Electronic Data processing (EDP) [beaucoup moins que] Contractors Equipment [beaucoup moins que] Communication Towers and Equipment [beaucoup moins que] Boiler and Machinery Coverage for Monroe County~s Master Property Insurance Program is preferred on an AiA*All-Risk Cause of Loss FormAiA to include, but not limited to: fire, lightning, collapse, flood and wind.
This $200 million community financial services company also operated a mortgage banking subsidiary, an insurance agency and an electronic data processing company.
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