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n the abbreviation for electronic data processing.
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Pay levels for electronic data processing (EDP) jobs varied substantially among the different occupations and levels of responsibility.
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Comprised of 54 chapters, this collection describes the different attacks conducted against electronic data processing facilities and discusses techniques for detecting and preventing such attacks.
A public body may close records relating to "software codes for electronic data processing and documentation thereof.
data stored on such media; or programming records used for electronic data processing or electronically controlled equipment.
UK-based IT services firm Electronic Data Processing Plc has reported a net profit for the six months through March 31 that is virtually flat at 847,000 pounds ($1.
TEI's Board of Directors voted to honor a former IRS Commissioner, a former International President, and a former chair of three TEI committees when it met on March 20: Sheldon Cohen, who served as Commissioner in the 1960s; Charles Rau, who served as 1986-1987 President; and James Hutchison, who served as chair of Canadian Income, Canadian Commodity, and Electronic Data Processing Committees.
AGMs: Chemex International, Electronic Data Processing, Imperial Tobacco Group, Sidlaw Group
Arizona GTP, 96-1 provides information that is necessary for Arizona taxpayers using an electronic data processing system.
Fleenor, CPA, Loranger, Louisiana, a member of the auditing standards board computer auditing subcommittee, describes the guidance in existing auditing standards on electronic data processing.
Robert Bailey, who teamed up with Revco two years ago as manager of electronic data processing, has been named director of corporate audit services.
Ownership is structured with Rimage Corporation owning 51% and Taiwan Electronic Data Processing Corporation (TEDPC), a group of Systex Corporation, owning the remaining 49%.
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