electronic configuration

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electronic configuration (i·lek·trnˑ·ik kn·figˈ·y·rāˑ·shn),

n arrangement of electrons within an atom.
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If you could make a met-car with titanium, why couldn't you form similar clusters using other transition metals with similar electronic configurations to that of titanium, surmised Castleman.
The last example of the synthesis of a simple, stable molecule with the electronic configuration of antiaromaticity -- cyclooctatetraene -- was in 1913.
What is unique about the electronic configuration of the copper atoms in the new compounds is that their average valence, or net charge, is less than 2.
Its open architecture reduces lifecycle cost through precise calibration and secure electronic configuration.
The electronic trainer offers an introduction to automobiles, test equipment, basic electrical equipment, basic electronics, vehicle technology and automotive systems, using elements like: inductors, capacitors, transistors, diodes and logic gates all of which will contribute to better understanding of the electronic configuration of a car automotive system, and help create future automotive technicians.
The addition of these capabilities to ModusLink's service portfolio enables the company to offer efficient post-sale electronic delivery of digital content such as software downloads, electronic configuration and downloads of other audio, video and data content for technology devices.
Automated electronic configuration and distribution via XML.

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