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I use electronic calipers for measuring such items as bullet diameters and lengths, case lengths, loaded cartridge lengths, and cylinder and barrel diameters.
Three additional control program functions-- Anatomical Help, Electronic Calipers and Electronic Notebook--require special comment, since they let students use a personal computer to perform the important tasks that they perform at a traditional laboratory table.
The Electronic Calipers function permits users to perform these measurements based upon screen images.
The True Data network can also integrate data input from electronic calipers and scales.
They included, among others, the Eagle line of aluminum and tempered steel electronic calipers, the TESA-Hite height gage, and the TESATronic electronic measuring gages.
The DigitCal electronic calipers, for example, benefited directly as development time for the case's plastic mold was cut in half.
It automatically receives and stores data from sensors on a processing machine or auxiliary equipment, and from serial devices such as bar-code readers, electronic calipers, and weigh scales.
The company predicts wireless communication for electronic calipers sometime soon, and a move toward ceramic jaw edging and/or inserts that make the gage more economical and durable.

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