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e·lec·tron-volt (eV, ev),

The energy imparted to an electron by a potential of 1 V; equal to 1.60218 × 10-12 erg in the CGS system, or 1.60218 × 10-19 J in the SI system.
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(EV, ev) (ĕ-lek'tron vōlt)
The energy imparted to an electron by a potential of 1 volt; equal to 1.60218 × 10-12 erg in the CGS system, or 1.60218 × 10-19 joule in the SI system.
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The detection of a cosmic ray with an energy of 3 x 102o electron-volts - the highest energy ever recorded for a cosmic ray - also suggests that these rays can't be relics from the early universe.
31.), this one-second cosmic flashbulb overwhelmed GRO detectors designed to record its intensity Up to 100 seconds after the burst, EGRET detected a photon afterglow that at times reached energies of a billion electron-volts. Astronomers searched for evidence of a counterpart to the burst at other wavelengths, but the flash's origin, like others, remains a mystery
Analyzing accumulated data from billions of collisions that produced no top quark, physicists using the CDF detector now report 108 billion electron-volts (108 GeV) as the new lower limit on the top quark's mass.
satellite will image medium-energy X-ray emissions from 300 to 12,000 electron-volts. In addition, the spectrometers will analyze the energy and intensity of the X-ray light by separating the radiation into its component wavelengths.
Such minute changes in path alter the beam energy by as much as 10 million electron-volts - enough to make the moon's gravitational effect the cause of the dominant error in determinations of the [Z.sup.0] mass.
NASA's Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO) found that the puzzling source had become the most powerful radiator detected at the X-ray energy of 100,000 electron-volts.
The ejected electrons gather into compact bunches and reach an energy of 46 billion electron-volts as they race down the SLC's 2-mile track to crash head-on into high-energy, unpolarized positrons traveling at the same speed.
Electrons accelerated to several million electron-volts of energy emit these radio waves in the corona as they spiral around strong magnetic fields.