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e·lec·tron beam

a form of radiation used principally in superficial radiotherapy. See: betatron.

e·lec·tron beam

(ĕ-lektron bēm)
Form of radiation used principally in superficial radiotherapy.


any of the negatively charged particles arranged in orbits around the nucleus of an atom and determining all of the atom's physical and chemical properties except mass and radioactivity. Electrons flowing in a conductor constitute an electric current; when ejected from a radioactive substance, they constitute the beta particles.

electron acceptor
see oxidant.
electron beam
the stream of electrons that flows from the anode to the cathode in the x-ray tube and then interacts with the tungsten target to produce x-rays.
electron carrier
a molecule associated with membrane-bound proteins that accepts and transfers electrons.
electron donor
electron micrographs
photographic images of electron microscopic fields.
electron microscope
see electron microscope.
electron microscopy
technology of using an electron microscope.
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For more information about electron beam emitters, visit Advanced Electron Beams (Wilmington, MA) at www.
Japan and Western Europe have expressed interest in the method of cold-bottom technology of electron beam remelting.
The cover gas is directed at the material and, if there is a small aperture, hole or anomaly in the material, a change in the electronic charge or "corona beam" (also known as an electron beam, an electrostatic corona or a corona discharge) occurs, which is measured by an AM radio pick-up sensor.
In the United States, all electronically irradiated food, whether processed with gamma rays, electron beams or X-rays must be labeled with the international symbol for irradiation, known as the radura, along with one of several phrases acceptable to FDA and USDA, such as "Treated with Radiation" or "Treated by Irradiation.
A partial list of the uncertainties include what errors will result in measuring the incident electron beam current (is the meter linear and how is it measured?
Cloverleaf will provide refrigerated food staging, storage and processing facilities, and logistical support for Titan's new food pasteurization processing system that utilizes the company's SureBeam electron beam system.
One way to speed up the process is to send multiple electron beams through a mask, allowing each beam to write a separate section of the chip pattern.
Advanced Electron Beams (AEB) enables the green factory of the future by making sustainable manufacturing possible and profitable.
In the container, the charge supplied from the loading chamber is melted using the electron beams.
meat processors plan to offer frozen hamburger patties treated with electron beams to grocers and fast-food restaurants.
At the MAMI electron accelerator at the University of Mainz in Germany, researchers use electron beams of 855 megaelectronvolts to produce gamma rays for investigating proton polarization and related phenomena.
Initially this was accomplished by using the unique directional characteristics of accelerated electron beams, and their tendency to produce radiation in a forward direction.

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