electron beam

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e·lec·tron beam

a form of radiation used principally in superficial radiotherapy. See: betatron.

e·lec·tron beam

(ĕ-lektron bēm)
Form of radiation used principally in superficial radiotherapy.


any of the negatively charged particles arranged in orbits around the nucleus of an atom and determining all of the atom's physical and chemical properties except mass and radioactivity. Electrons flowing in a conductor constitute an electric current; when ejected from a radioactive substance, they constitute the beta particles.

electron acceptor
see oxidant.
electron beam
the stream of electrons that flows from the anode to the cathode in the x-ray tube and then interacts with the tungsten target to produce x-rays.
electron carrier
a molecule associated with membrane-bound proteins that accepts and transfers electrons.
electron donor
electron micrographs
photographic images of electron microscopic fields.
electron microscope
see electron microscope.
electron microscopy
technology of using an electron microscope.
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Determination of the surface layers properties of optical elements before and after electron beam treatment (heights of residual micro irregularities on the surface, micro hardness, thickness of reinforced layers, etc.
The change of electron beam oscillation from linear to rotational was proposed as first.
For more information about electron beam emitters, visit Advanced Electron Beams (Wilmington, MA) at www.
the electron beam heaters and the billet chamber are separated in relation to the melting chamber.
Samples for electron beam irradiation were cut from the mixed compound, placed between Mylar sheets and warm pressed at 100[degrees]C for 10 minutes to form 6" x 6" plaques with a thickness of 0.
where: j(t) is the electron current density, U the acceleration voltage, P(t) the power of electron, S the irradiation area of the electron beam, [[eta].
But also be aware that, depending on the amounts used, certain food additives with antioxidant properties may protect foodborne bacteria from the lethal effects of electron beam irradiation by scavenging free radicals.
Collaborating with SureBeam Corporation, TAMU opened a $10 million research facility in May 2002, which features electron beam and X-ray energy sources.
The electron beam technology uses ordinary electricity to safely eliminate the threat of dangerous bacteria such as E.
A positive electron beam computed tomography test result is considered to be a total coronary artery calcium score in excess of 30 Hounsfield units, added Dr.

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