electromyographic biofeedback

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electromyographic biofeedback

a therapeutic procedure that uses electronic or electromechanical instruments to measure, process, and feed back reinforcing information with auditory and visual signals accurately. It is used to provide information about muscle activity during ambulation, for example, in clients with brain injury, stroke, or cerebral palsy.

Electromyographic biofeedback

A method for relieving jaw tightness by monitoring the patient's attempts to relax the muscle while the patient watches a gauge. The patient gradually learns to control the degree of muscle relaxation.

electromyographic biofeedback (i·lekˈ·trō·mīˈ·ō·graˑ·fik bīˈ·ō·fēdˑ·bak),

n therapy in which sensors are placed on the skin in order to detect tension-related electrical activity. A biofeedback instrument translates the electrical activity levels into a description of the varying degrees of muscle tension. Often used to treat tension headaches.
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