electromagnetic pollution

electromagnetic pollution,

n electromagnetic radiation which has a negative effect on the health of living organisms.
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In Romania, courts had stated their judgements when dealing with electromagnetic pollution using this principle.
com), offered broad perspectives on the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution.
According to them, LiFi opens a new era in wireless data without electromagnetic pollution, without saturation of bandwidth and with a cost much lower than WiFi installation.
The topics include die failures in copper hot extrusion, composite materials based on silicon rubber used to mitigate electromagnetic pollution, the thermodynamics of iron metallothermy, how adding cerium to the carburizing paste effects the phase composition of carburized surface layers, recent developments in the basic concepts of geothermal turbines of low and high enthalpy, and the in vitro assessment of a new proposed biomaterial and dental implant abutments under static load.
Much like the Industrial Revolution led to increased awareness of land, air and water pollution, the wireless revolution is creating an awareness of electromagnetic pollution.
Diabetes incidence has soared in recent decades because of unhealthful diets, sedentary lifestyles and other factors including, as evidence suggests, sensitivity to the ever-growing electromagnetic pollution of our modern age.
According to Havas (2006), several disorders, including asthma, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, are increasing at an alarming rate, as is electro-magnetic pollution in the form of dirty electricity, ground current, and radio-frequency radiation from wireless devices and the connection between electromagnetic pollution and these disorders needs to be investigated and the percentage of people sensitive to this form of energy needs to be determined.
Martin Weatherall, co-director of the Initiative to Stop Wireless Electromagnetic Pollution (WEEP), said simple geography dictates exposure to potentially dangerous wireless transmissions.
Potentially constant exposure has caused an alert in public opinion and governments about the so-called the environmental electromagnetic pollution.
One solution is to measure electromagnetic pollution and then use products that claim to cancel out their negative effects.
Kubisch's work reveals the unseen aspects of a local environment and transforms what might be regarded as electromagnetic pollution into a source of illuminating information.
Implications of powerful mega-chemical companies and the effects of chemical and electromagnetic pollution are thoroughly discussed using numerous research sources.
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