electromagnetic induction

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e·lec·tro·mag·net·ic in·duc·tion

generation of an electrical current in a conductor when it is moved across a magnetic field.
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electromagnetic induction

Generation of an electromotive force in an insulated conductor moving in an electromagnetic field or in a fixed conductor in a moving magnetic field.
See also: induction
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Researchers fused two detection approaches--magnetometer and electromagnetic induction systems, known as EMI--into a single system that can be used simultaneously to sweep a UXO field, despite the traditional problem of EMI measurements interfering with magnetometers.
Given the importance of electromagnetic induction in physics and technology this is a highly appropriate experiment for the introductory physics course.
Now an Agricultural Research Service scientist is using electromagnetic induction (EI) to measure changes in the soil's electrical conductivity, a quality that can provide important clues to the amount of nutrients present in the soil.
Meat Animal Research Center, Eigenberg studies nutrient movement in several fields by use of electromagnetic induction (EI).
TEPCO and other power utilities are waging a marketing campaign for electromagnetic induction heaters that compete with gas ovens, with an eye to boosting electricity sales.
"Over the last five years, we have looked at everything you can imagine: magnetometry, electromagnetic induction, micro gravity, acoustic, ground penetrating radar, synthetic aperture radar," Smith said in a presentation to the Pollution Prevention and Hazardous Waste Management conference in San Antonio, Texas.
When the magnetic field passes through another metal object, it sparks the metal object to produce its own magnetic field--a process called electromagnetic induction. A receiving coil then detects the electric current and triggers the device to beep.
Electromagnetic induction (EMI) and electrical resistivity (ER) are two geophysical methods being used for high-intensity soil surveys and precision farming.
By analyzing the return signal and exploiting the concept of electromagnetic induction, some success has been achieved in imaging underground features, presumably including man-made tunnels.

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