electromagnetic flowmeter

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e·lec·tro·mag·net·ic flow·me·ter

a flowmeter in which a magnetic field is applied to a blood vessel to measure flow in terms of the voltage developed by the blood as a conductor moving through the magnetic field.


pertaining to or emanating from electromagnetism.

electromagnetic flowmeter
measures the electromagnetic force generated when the blood flowing through a vessel of known diameter passes through a magnetic field at right angles to the magnetic lines of force.
electromagnetic radiation
transport of energy through space. Examples are x-rays, radio waves.
electromagnetic receptors
receptors which perceive electromagnetic stimuli.
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The OPTIFLUX electromagnetic flowmeters, UFM 3030 ultrasonic flowmeters, and OPTIMASS Coriolis Mass flowmeters are used extensively to accurately monitor and measure the flow of liquids and gases through pipelines.
ABB LIMITED'S new electromagnetic flowmeter, the FSM4000, is designed to provide greater stability for chemical/additive dosing applications.
Tenders are invited for Tender for the work Supply,installation and maintenance of full bore electromagnetic flowmeter for pure water mains near Kadur and Birur towns under combined water supply scheme to Kadur Birur and 34 enroute villages under UIDSSMT scheme
Quantity or scope: The variants are allowed only on the positioning of the electromagnetic flowmeter into the valve chamber of the Envignes pumping station; the proposed alternative must meet the installation conditions specified in CCTP
Tenders are invited for Electronet Make Electromagnetic Flowmeter
Description: Wast Flowmeter # Naoh, Endress + Hauser 53h04-1wl9/0, Promag 53h04, Dn04 5/32", Electromagnetic Flowmeter, Pfa Liner, E Process Connection: Cl.
Flow-sensing systems, typically electromagnetic flowmeters, are used with liquid applicators, including tankers and towed-hose or umbilical-cord units.
The MFC 300's concept is based on the universal converter used in electromagnetic flowmeters, and its design allows for performance in multiple areas, including hazardous environments.
1 percent or better, allowing bottlers to cut product giveaway, says Jerry Spindler, product manager for electromagnetic flowmeters, Endress + Hauser, Greenwood, Ind.

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