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(ē-lĕk″trō-măg′nĕt) [″ + magnes, magnet]
A magnet consisting of a length of insulated wire wound around a soft iron core. When an electrical current flows through the wire, a magnet is produced.
electromagnetic, adjective
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The study, titled "Electromagnetic properties of the Great Pyramid: First multipole resonances and energy concentration," was published in the (https://aip.scitation.org/doi/10.1063/1.5026556) Journal of Applied Physics . 
Static electromagnetic field analysis solver is used to solve the problem.
The dynamic and static characteristics of the solenoid valve are related to the magnitude of the electromagnetic force, the greater the electromagnetic force, the better the characteristics of the micro digital valve.
They may receive higher electromagnetic absorption from the exposure to EMF's than adults either because of water content of the bodies more than adults [4,5].
According to [8], there are primarily three strategies to reduce SAR of cellular telephone including changing the antenna position or the feeding point to the antenna, the incorporation of electromagnetic wave absorbers, and the utilization of special ground planes.
Compared to traditional methods requiring a separate metal shell within a building, ABC Group constructs a single structure combining the physical security of concrete with electromagnetic shielding.
The model simplified the electromagnetic process calculation of the solenoid valve as the calculation of an RL equivalent circuit.
Asia Pacific is the largest region in the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Shielding Market with high production and supply of EMC products as per IndustryARC analytics.
Director of Kosar Information and Communication Technology Institute Saeid Rahimi told that the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) filter is procuring it required considerable costs and various strategies, Mehr news reported.