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To decompose chemically by means of an electric current.
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We were promised three square meals a day in pill for; natty, silver jump-suits that discreetly electrolyse and burn off our love handles; video phones that -according to the legion of science fiction films that have implemented them -have to crackle half way through the conversation; funky metallic robots designed to the do the housework, but with a fatal flaw in them that eventually drives them to rebel; freedom from hunger and disease; De Lorean-likehovercars to ease the petrol fume chocked burden on the highways; computers that wish us a `` good morning'',and then cause all of our domestic appliances to rebel against us,and,finally and most fantastically,more leisure time
Clearly one of the energy inputs is the need to electrolyse water to produce hydrogen--this is the case whether we adopt molecular hydrogen as an energy carrier or choose to transform it into a form where it is a liquid at ambient conditions by combining it with C[O.
Renewable power sources such as the barrage could electrolyse water during the night to store hydrogen, which would then be run through fuel cells when energy is required.
C) Providing service connection through underground cable and earth pits to electrolyse in 7 Blocks miners type i.