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An instument that measures the impedance between two electrodes placed externally on either side of the larynx. The impedance is reduced whenever the vocal folds come in contact, thus creating a record of the cycles of glottal opening and closure.
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There are measurable changes to intensity, pitch accuracy, formant frequencies, and phonation as measured by electroglottograph signals.
A small lab is in the process of being assembled, with VoceVista[TM] software available, as well as an electroglottograph. The voice area has strong relationships with two ENTs in the Boulder-Denver area, and students are encouraged to seek them out not only for personal voice examinations, but also for group visits.
The twist, however, was that each singer was "wired" through a lightweight headset microphone and portable electroglottograph device (EGG).
Glottal closure patterns related to voice registration were assessed with Voce Vista Professional software from signals generated by an electroglottograph (EGG) model EG2-PC, manufactured by Glottal Enterprises.
It outlines the science of human voice production in his theory, in terms of acoustic waves; vocal anatomy and physiology and measuring voice organs; the basic experimental facts of the human voice collected by microphones and voice signals, electroglottographs and voice data, and in-vivo pressure measurements; and the physics of voice production, particularly that involved in vowels.