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The study of the movement of electrostatic charges.
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These features of the operating process must be taken into account in the mathematical model of LPEC of electrodynamic type [9].
H-matrix-based solvers have been applied to the SIE method for electrodynamic analysis [26-29].
"Jennova has been dedicated to the development of electrodynamic energy harvesting (EH) methods for the past seven years," explained Terry Pennisi.
Thus in [3], various electrodynamic wave equations were considered.
While they lack the bandwidth potential of an electrodynamic exciter, development of dual-stage valves made it possible to achieve frequency response on the order of 500 Hz, which is acceptable for defining many environments.
Electrodynamic thrusters for aircraft--if they work--would encompass the entire vehicle, he said.
Theory of Quantum and Classical Connections in Modeling Atomic, Molecular and Electrodynamic Systems
A new class of regular black holes which is supported by a nonlinear electrodynamic source were studied in [6].
These established facts form the starting point of a revised quantum electrodynamic (RQED) theory by the author [5].
In the process, an electrodynamic energy converter uses mechanical motion or a miniaturized solar module generating energy from light.
An air beard planar slide is positioned only by electrodynamic field forces (interaction between permanent magnets and energised coils).
Most magnetic suspension (maglev) systems create suspension forces by either electromagnetic [1] or electrodynamic [2, 3] means.