electrodermal response

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Luigi, Italian physician and anatomist, 1737-1798.
galvanic bath - water bath that is charged with galvanic current.
galvanic current - continuous one-direction electric current.
galvanic skin response - skin's response to electric stimulation. Synonym(s): electrodermal response
galvanic-faradic test - an electrodiagnostic test of muscles.
galvanism - oral manifestations of direct current electricity occurring when dental restorations with dissimilar electric potentials (such as silver and gold) are placed in the mouth. Synonym(s): voltaism
galvanometer - an instrument used to measure current.
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The current experiment tests the effects of ISI variability and complete stimulus omission on the electrodermal response with ISis in the order of 1 to 2 seconds rather than the 10 to 20 seconds of previous studies.
M= Means; SEM= Standard error of means; EDA_1 = First electrodermal response; EDA_2 = Second electrodermal response; RLL breast = Breast respiration line length; RLL_abd = Abdominal respiration line length; pHR = Phasic heart rate; FPWL = Finger pulse waveform length.
Comparison Electrodermal Response 1 Pleasantness-arousal-- Rise time (t = -3.068, p = .003) * pleasantness-relaxation Recovery t/2 (t = -3.714, p = .001) * 2 Unpleasantness-arousal-- Latency (t = 4.303, p = .003) * unpleasantness-relaxation Amplitude (t = -2.411, p = .027) Recovery t/2 (t = -2.347, p = .025) Peak area (t = -2.592, p = .014) 3 Pleasantness-relaxation-- Latency (t = 3.124, p = .004) * unpleasantness-relaxation Recovery t/2 (t = 3.548, p = .001) * Peak area (t = 2.757, p = .009) * 4 Pleasantness-arousal-- Recovery t/2 (t = -2.466, p = .019) unpleasantness-arousal 5 Pleasantness-relaxation-- unpleasantness-arousal 6 Pleasantness-arousal-- Latency (t = 3.237, p = .01) * unpleasantness-relaxation Note.
5 To measure electrodermal response, the subject is fitted with small electrodes attached to a galvanometer, which monitors the electrical resistance of the skin while being exposed to test stimuli.
The objectives were (a) to see if an electrodermal DMILS response was similar to a sensory response and, if not, to see if there were any useful characteristics that could be used to identify the former and (b) to compare the electrodermal response seen in DMILS with that seen in reaction to a weak magnetic field, allowing exploration of potential mechanisms or physiological response systems that might produce the observed DMILS effects.
Since Beloff's initial review, additional promising results have emerged from a series of studies which examined the autonomic detection of staring using the electrodermal response (for reviews, see Braud, Sharer, & Andrews, 1993a; 1993b).
These changes in electrodermal responses cannot presumably be equated to learning.
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