(ECT) (ĕ-lek'trō-kē'mō-thār'ă-pē)
Anticancer therapy used in treatment of basal cell carcinoma of the skin; combination of bleomycin sulfate and chemotherapeutic agent injected directly into tumor followed by electrical impulses to the lesion through an electrode. This alternative therapy to surgical excision has demonstrated 98% effectiveness.
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Supply of specialized material with use of the equipment for a fee model Cliniporator EPS02 electrochemotherapy for plastic surgery for cancer.
Electrochemotherapy is another upcoming therapeutic method being tested widely in Europe and America for treating cutaneous and sub-cutaneous tumors.
Electrochemotherapy is administered under general anaesthetic in an operating theatre and takes around 30 minutes.
It is the key principle behind the developing practice of electrochemotherapy.
Through its asset acquisition, OncoSec has accumulated a significant database of clinical data in a variety of tumor types using the OMS ElectroChemotherapy therapeutic approach.
This Phase IV pre-marketing study was conducted in 11 European clinical centers of excellence with institutional review board and competent authority approval and carried out under standard good clinical practices using OncoSec's OMS ElectroChemotherapy treatment platform for primary and recurrent head and neck cancer.
b) of the Legislative Decree 163/2006 and subsequent amendments for the assignment of the delivery service of an electromedical device for electrochemotherapy which allows the local treatment of cutaneous and subcutaneous tumors of different histological nature and multiple metastases through the introduction of chemotherapeutic drugs whose effectiveness is determined electroporation of cell membranes.
The Cliniporator is used in Electrochemotherapy to fight cutaneous and sub- cuteaneous metastasies by increasing the effect of certain chemotherapeutic drugs.
Mir of France's Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) said this electrochemotherapy "is an ideal treatment for tumours resistant to conventional therapies.
About y Electrochemotherapy 1st International Users' Meeting e (Bologna, November 19-20, 2010) First international meeting dedicated to the electrotransfer technology and organized by IGEA, a company which develops devices and technologies in the field of clinical biophysics.
The Company will also be presenting a poster containing data from a Phase III study of the OMS ElectroChemotherapy therapy at the following conference: