electrocardiographic wave

e·lec·tro·car·di·o·graph·ic wave

a deflection of special shape and extent in the electrocardiogram representing the electric activity of a portion of the heart muscle.
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The results obtained in [WR.sub.DB] are given in Table 1; we observe the "overall performance" of [WT.sub.D], which has been calculated as a mean representative value of Se and P+ in each electrocardiographic wave, that is, one unique value for Pwave, T-wave, and QRS-complex, respectively (see Table 1).
Moreover, delineation of WRDB showed an overall performance that was computed as a mean value between the characteristic points for each electrocardiographic wave, such as Se and P+ of 99.2% and 83.9% for P-wave, 100% and 99.9% for QRS complex, and 100% and 99.8% for T- wave, respectively.
The electrocardiographic waves (P, QRS, T) were identified in the average beats.