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Quantitative analysis of metals by electrolysis.
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Element Six's synthetic all-diamond packaged sensor (boron-doped diamond individually addressable band electrodes) encapsulated in transparent insulating diamond, for high performance electroanalytical sensing applications.
The structured electrode packaging allowed us to seamlessly integrate their diamond conductivity sensor into our existing analyser technology, and we consider this an exciting development for advanced electroanalytical sensing.
offer this volume presenting four topics in electroanalytical chemistry in novel detail.
Advanced electroanalytical techniques versus atomic-absorption spectrometry, inductively-coupled plasma-atomic emission-spectrometry and inductively-coupled plasma-mass spectrometry in environmental-analysis", Analyst, 1994, Vol.
We recently embarked on a program aimed at developing experiments for a new undergraduate laboratory course in electroanalytical chemistry.
Digital Simulation in Electrochemistry explains to the reader how to numerically solve the parabolic partial differential equations (pdes) encountered in electroanalytical chemistry.
Zewail (1999 Nobel Laureate in chemistry) as a postdoctoral Fellow in the area of electroanalytical chemistry and ultrafast laser spectroscopy.
Established in 1963, Marcel Dekker is a publisher of Journals, references, textbooks and encyclopedias in science, engineering and medicine, with a special focus on emerging fields such as surface science, chromatography and electroanalytical chemistry.
These two concerns are thought to be temporary, and Bioanalytical is expecting $6 million in revenues from the release of its new fully networkable Elipson electroanalytical and chromatography workstations in fiscal year 2001.
Pons (1989), "Electrochemically Induced Nuclear Fusion of Deuterium," Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 261:301-308.
In an article accepted last month for publication this spring in the JOURNAL OF ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY AND INTERFACIAL ELECTROCHEMISTRY, the investigators report that they detected helium in gases released during cold fusion reactions.
Debra Rolison is recognized by the Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry for outstanding contributions to analytical chemistry and by the Chemical Society of Washington for expanding the scientific frontier of nanostructured materials.