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/elec·tro·acu·punc·ture/ (-ak″u-punk´cher) acupuncture in which the needles are stimulated electrically.
electroacupuncture after Voll  (EAV) a system of diagnosis and treatment based on the measurement of the electrical characteristics of acupoints, the results being used to determine a specific remedy.

electrical acupuncture

A permutation of acupuncture, in which low-voltage electric currents are passed through needles to stimulate the acupuncture points; it is uncertain whether this improves the efficacy of the traditional, non-electric format of acupuncture.


Acupuncture in which needles are attached to a source of electric current.

electroacupuncture (EA),

n process in which acupuncture needles charged with electrical currents are inserted into specific meridian points to stimulate the sites and facilitate healing. See also acupuncture.


the application of electrical stimulation to acupuncture points.
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Participants in the EA group received two 30-minute electroacupuncture treatments per week for two weeks for a total of four treatments.
In conclusion, transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation is as effective as conventional electroacupuncture for weight reduction in obese Thai women.
Both of the studies showed favorable results for electroacupuncture.
Electroacupuncture for treatment oc acute pancreatitis and its effect on the intestinal permeability of the patient.
The electroacupuncture protocol was similar to a previous study [21] with some modification, including two more acupressure points and a different stimulation frequency; these modifications were based primarily on the personal experience of a member of the research team who is also a licensed acupuncturist.
After 5 months of HBOT, clinicians administer 60 sessions of electroacupuncture using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) specifically designed for cerebral palsy.
Cefar markets electrotherapy devices indicated for chronic pain, for women's health (labor pain, incontinence, dysmenorrhea), for electroacupuncture, and for other rehabilitation activities.
Investigating whether electroacupuncture works for chronic pain and inflammation
In a randomized, double-blinded study of 40 patients, auricular electroacupuncture produced a significant 18% rise in pain threshold; the threshold remained nearly unchanged in control patients.
Preliminary information suggests that electroacupuncture applied with a high frequency/low intensity paradigm may activate the noradrenergic (non-opioid) pathways in the spinal cord (White, 1999).
Five daily sessions of electroacupuncture were performed on acupoints Guanyuan (Ren 4), Zhongji (Ren 3), Zigong (Extra 16), and Sanyinjiao (Sp 6), said Dr.
There are other, less conventional, diagnostic tests such as electroacupuncture biofeedback and NAET, a system for identifying and treating allergies developed by acupuncturist/chiropractor Devi Nambudripad.