electrical failure

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e·lec·tri·cal fail·ure

failure in which cardiac inadequacy is secondary to disturbance of the electrical impulse.

e·lec·tri·cal fail·ure

(ĕ-lek'tri-kăl fāl'yŭr)
Failure in which the cardiac inadequacy is secondary to disturbance of the electrical impulse.
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Electrical failures or damage run to several millions of pounds in cost to repair, so assuring their condition prior to deployment is vital.
His McLaren had ground to a halt due to an electrical failure.
The civil aviation authority YPA said the radar controlling the Athens and Macedonia region had sustained a "loss of image" around midday on Saturday for over an hour due to an electrical failure that followed a power outage.
Mrs Romney's flight was heading for Los Angeles on Friday but pilots had to divert to Colorado after an electrical failure.
Don't let a mechanical or electrical failure ruin your precious samples
The vessel had suffered a complete electrical failure and the sailors couldn't start its engine.
Electrical failure was among the top causes and fires caused by fireworks increased in 2011.
The combination of moisture and contaminants, which can arrive by the same routes, can promote corrosion that may lead to electrical failure.
The department attributed the cause to electrical failure.
That banging wears away the harness cover and leads to arcing and electrical failure.
The ageing Soviet-era turboprop plane, one of the biggest in the world, may have suffered an electrical failure, Russian media report.
The pilot of a light twin-engined aircraft was able, following a total electrical failure at night, to bring his aircraft back to base by using a hand-held emergency locator beacon and a mobile telephone.

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