electrical failure

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e·lec·tri·cal fail·ure

failure in which cardiac inadequacy is secondary to disturbance of the electrical impulse.
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e·lec·tri·cal fail·ure

(ĕ-lek'tri-kăl fāl'yŭr)
Failure in which the cardiac inadequacy is secondary to disturbance of the electrical impulse.
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In the end, an electrical failure, partial or total is no more challenging than pilots make it.
An internal delamination that does not initially break bond wires may never cause a later electrical failure through corrosion or expansion.
But with so much stuff in the panel these days depending on free-flowing electrons, the possibility of an electrical failure should get our attention and a for-real episode is cause for genuine alarm.
Thermal cycling itself typically caused a delamination between the chip and the underfill, as well as resulting cracks in solder bumps and electrical failure (Figure 6).
Simon Bolivar International Airport, located on the Caribbean coast near the capital of Caracas, operated under a limited schedule on Saturday morning after Venezuela's airspace was closed overnight on Friday (23 August) following the electrical failure, which blocked communications with aircraft in 80% of Venezuelan airspace.
World champion Marcus Gronholm pulled out with electrical failure and an overheating engine.
On Friday, a southbound MRT-3 unloaded 700 passengers after an electrical failure happened in one of train's motors.
The glitch was due to 'electrical failure in the motor' caused by 'worn-out electrical sub-components,' the DOTr said.
Once the alternator belt broke and battery power was exhausted the airplane experienced a complete electrical failure. With electrical power applied, the landing gear would operate as designed.
Madrid`s Barajas Airport also experienced flight delays due to problems associated with the landing guidance system and an electrical failure in one of the terminals.
The Scot was lying third until his Golf GTi lost 10 minutes due to an electrical failure.

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