electrical burn

e·lec·tri·cal burn

(ĕ-lek'tri-kăl bŭrn)
Tissue damage resulting from flow of an electrical current with temperatures as high as 5000°C. Entry and exit points occur but most burned tissue remains invisible at surface levels.
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Electrical burn is still a major risk factor for amputations.
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Statistics from Burns Centre Civil Hospital Karachi, the only unit for burn injuries across Sindh, reveal an alarming increase in electrical burn cases in recent years.
If he or she is suffering an electrical burn, Dull the plug at the wall or shut off the current.
Electrical burn injury of the scalp-bone regrowth following application of latissimus
An electrical burn can also occur if a dog is struck by lightning in its backyard or comes in contact with an inadequately insulated household appliance.
Usually the copper wire thief receives a severe electrical burn which enters the hand that holds the high tension wire and exits at the head when the person falls back, or at the feet if shoes are not insulated.
You should only go to a hospital A&E department if you have suffered a chemical or electrical burn, then burn is deep or bigger than your hand, if the skin has turned white or charred, or if there is blistering.