electric shock

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electric shock

shock caused by electric current passing through the body.
Common points of entry and exit for electrical burns. Severe internal damage can occur between these points. From Frazier et al., 2000.
The longer the contact with electricity, the smaller the chance of survival. The victim's breathing may stop, and the body may appear stiff. In giving first aid, first the electric contact is broken as quickly as possible; this must be done with care so that the rescuer does not have exposure to the current. The rescuer, keeping in mind that water and metals are conductors of electricity, stands on a dry surface and does not touch the victim or electric wire with the bare hands. If the victim has stopped breathing and has no pulse, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is begun immediately.
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electric shock

the sum of immediate and delayed pathophysiologic responses of living tissue to a current of electricity of sufficient magnitude to induce abnormal sensations (for example, paresthesia, pain) or objective changes (for example, muscle spasm, cardiac arrhythmia, neurologic impairment including coma, tissue damage).
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e·lec·tric shock

(ĕ-lek'trik shok)
A traumatic state following the passage of an electrical current through the body.
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e·lec·tric shock

(ĕ-lek'trik shok)
Sum of immediate and delayed pathophysiologic responses of living tissue to electrical current of sufficient magnitude to induce abnormal sensations or objective changes.
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Q. Is electric shock efficient for ocd? Is it dangerous? My husband has OCD for 15 years now. He was also diagnosed with mania-depressia. He takes so many medications and nothing really helps. We were offered to try electric shock and I'm scared. Is it dangerous? What are the chances of this method to work for him?

A. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is indeed considered effective for OCD, although it's not the first line of treatment. It does have its risks, including memory loss, disorientation and sort of confusion. There is also a change in the activity of the heart but it's rarely significant.

Generally it can be said that it's not an absolutely safe treatment, but it may help, especially if other drugs don't help.

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A. is this the only symptom? if there are more- i recommend (the second time today!) this site:

you can make a list of the symptoms you have and it'll give you the optional diseases/syndromes

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He fell on the ground after suffering electric shock and died instantly.
He must have touched something live because he suffered a serious electric shock.
Akmal Khan, 13, died after suffering electric shock inside his home in Korangi's Qayyumabad area early Tuesday.
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Hilla, / National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) - The death of A member of the Hezbollah battalions in the area of Jurf Al-Sakhr, north-west of Hilla, killed as a result of an electric shock, the police said on Thursday.
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