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A stovelike apparatus containing a chamber for heating, melting, or fusing.


A stovelike apparatus containing a chamber for heating, melting, or fusing dental materials.


n an apparatus in which to generate heat.
furnace, inlay,
n a furnace used for eliminating the wax from an inlay mold and establishing the proper condition and temperature of the investment to receive the molten casting gold.
furnace, porcelain,
n a furnace used for fusing, firing, or fusion.
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I came downstairs and there were flames billowing out of the electric heater," Mr Parsons said just 10 minutes after switching the appliance on, their dining room was "engulfed in flames.
2]) indoor swimming pool was dehumidified by a 100% fresh air system equipped with a 50 kW electric heater.
It was the second tragedy involving an electric heater in leass than two weeks.
We don't have an electric heater because there is never any power.
Responding to this 61% of Pakistanis do not use any heating system, 10% use electric heater, 20% claim they use gas heaters and 6% claim that they use coal for heating purposes.
Alternatively, the Avensis electric fireplace suite is an electric heater with convector.
A 6kW electric heater and heating pump is also incorporated into the units with outputs from 8.
A fault in an electric heater caused the blaze at the property in Radnor Gardens, Howdon, North Shields, early today.
I use an exterior light bulb for heat, but you could also use a small electric heater in extremely cold conditions.
He proceeded to tie up the woman's two daughters, ages 14 and 22, with the cord from an electric heater with the intent of raping them.
WRAPPED in a thick blanket, OAP Grace McLachlan huddles beside a tiny electric heater in a desperate bid to stay warm.
A standard electric heater helps preheat the fuel before engine coolant reaches operating temperature.